It is wrong to think that teas only have a calming function and to treat health problems in humans. Have you ever heard of reading predictions for the future? Do you believe in possibilities that might happen in your life? Well, if so, then you will understand how to read the future through tea leaves.

making a tea

Put water to boil on the stove, turning off the heat as soon as the liquid reaches the state of almost boiling. Once that’s done, pour the water over some black tea leaves that are accommodated inside a pot or teapot. Once that’s done, let it steep for up to five minutes.

Passing the time, transfer the tea to a cup and saucer. Then drink or ask the person you want to have your future read take. Remember: when drinking tea, you should leave some of the liquid in the bottom of the cup, so that the reading can be done.

Reading the future through tea leaves

With some tea at the bottom of your cup, get ready for the reading process. Hold yourself or the person who wishes to have the future read the cup with the hand you don’t use to write. Then close your eyes and shake the cup clockwise three times, remembering during this step to mentally ask the question related to your future that you want an answer to.

Then you should immediately turn the cup upside down on the saucer. Once that’s done, wait seven seconds and place the cup up and with the handle facing you or the person you want to have the future read.

Now read how the leaves turned out, about the shapes they took after being poured into the saucer. Notice if they form some complex, strange image. In this case, it means a negative answer to what you asked mentally.

Otherwise, the image has represented some bland, pleasant way, that translates into something positive in relation to mental inquiry.