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Milk tea – Is the British delicacy beneficial?

by Dianna Leon

Here in Brazil this custom is not much seen, but in England it is a very common practice to mix tea with milk. But is this beneficial for health?

The benefits of drinking tea versus milk consumption

Teas, according to research and tests carried out with rats, have the ability to prevent obesity, reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the intestine – even when associated with a high-fat diet – and reduce cholesterol. Its frequent consumption can also help to reduce the levels of fatty acids in the bloodstream, lower fat content in the liver, among many others.

Despite being tasty with milk, tea loses some of its properties with this mixture, as some proteins present in cow’s milk neutralize the ability to fight fat.

According to research done with the blend, the compounds in the tea form complexes with the protein in the milk, preventing the benefits of the compounds and the milk protein from benefiting those drinking the tea.

There is some research being done to develop new types of tea that have higher levels of these compounds so that they are not so easily neutralized by milk.

What is the ideal milk to consume with tea?

Although all milks inhibit the properties of teas, skimmed milks reduce much more than whole milk and semi-skimmed milk.

Which teas to drink?

Milk goes well with teas that have a bitter taste, and can be consumed both in hot and cold versions. It is also possible to prepare it in different ways, such as the three recipes we have separated below.

Yerba mate tea

200 ml boil of water, turn off the heat and add the tea bag. Leave for a few minutes, then remove. In a cup, pour 50 ml of milk and pour the tea on top. You can sweeten it if you prefer it with honey, sweetener or sugar.

tea with hot milk

This recipe is more generic and can be used with various herbs. Use between 125 and 185 ml of water, between 2 and 3 teaspoons of herb leaves, 125 ml of whole milk and between 1 and 2 teaspoons of honey. Prepare the tea like the recipe above, with the difference that, instead of the bag, you will use the herb. After brewing, slowly add milk to the drink without straining. Then serve with the aid of a strainer so that the leaves do not fall into the cup.

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