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Aluman tea: Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Also known as vernonia or alumã, aluman is a plant easily found in the northeast. In addition to being used for medicinal purposes in the form of tea, the plant is used to make a hair tonic that promises miracles.

Benefits and properties

In the form of tea, aluman is very indicated for the treatment of liver disorders and the relief of hepatic cramps, in addition to alleviating the effects of a hangover from excessive alcohol consumption, heartburn, treatment of gastritis, a digestive stimulant and serves as a stimulant of appetite.

For these purposes, consume one cup in the morning, on an empty stomach, and another cup always before main meals. Treatment should be done until pain relief is felt.

How to prepare tea?

To prepare the tea, you will need:

2 aluman leaves
1 cup of water

In a container, put the water and bring to fire or microwave until it boils. In another, chop the leaves into small pieces and set aside. When the water is boiling, pour it over the leaves and cover, letting it warm to the appropriate temperature for consumption. Strain and consume on an empty stomach before breakfast and always 30 minutes before main meals.

the hair tonic

The tonic has become popular with women who want to provide healthy growth and an end to hair loss. Found in some cosmetic stores, the product provides healthier and faster hair growth and, in addition, strengthens the threads, combats the action of fungi that cause dandruff and seborrhea.

It can be used in two ways: the first is the application directly on the scalp with circular movements. The second is to mix the toner into your usual moisturizing cream. When applied directly to the scalp, the product does not need to be rinsed. This can be used daily or every other day.


No contraindications were found in the literature consulted.

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