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Reishi Mushroom Tea – Know Your Powers

by Dianna Leon

Reishi mushroom, scientific name Gandonerma lucidium, has a flattened color in a red tone with some white spots and its taste is bitter. This species of mushroom has been used since antiquity in primary medical practices due to its various properties capable of combating various ailments that affect our body.

Reishi is mainly known as fountain of youth or plant of longevity thanks to its ability to prolong life in a natural and healthy way, to regenerate the organism and thus activate the nervous system and memory, preventing the patient from diseases such as alzheimers, for example. , and always giving you disposal.



  • Antioxidant
  • Detoxifying
  • Energetic
  • antiviral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • antifungal
  • Anti-allergic
  • It balances the blood sugar level, making it an excellent ally in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Anticancer inhibiting the appearance and development of tumors. It also alleviates the effects caused by treatment based on chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Benefits of tea

Reishi has substances that promote longevity, extending life by approximately 20%.

Activates the immune system, making it alert against invaders and possible infections.

It treats cardiovascular diseases, liver ailments and simple illnesses such as the flu, preventing it from developing into something more serious. It is effective in the treatment of asthma and respiratory allergies.

It also combats the pain of arthritis and high blood pressure.

Reishi is famous for increasing vitality by decreasing forgetfulness percentage, activating memory cells, increasing attention and intellectual levels by helping the brain to work more clearly. It is known for keeping the body and mind youthful.

This mushroom promotes lower blood sugar levels, as mentioned above. This makes it a powerful natural remedy for diabetes. It also combats obesity, which usually brings with it an uncountable number of physical and psychological problems.

The tea is also used to combat psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

reishi tea recipe

Keep the mushroom submerged in water overnight to soften its effect. Boil the mushroom until the skin is softer and then cut into small pieces by boiling them again in 2 liters of water, – it is important to remember that aluminum pans should not be used – boil for an hour or two, avoiding steaming with a lid . After the boiling period keep the small pieces of mushrooms inside a pot mixed with the liquid in the refrigerator. This amount should last for 5 days.

Consume little and no more than twice a day. In case of any adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately. It is important to emphasize that all natural treatments must be accompanied by the supervision of a physician or specialized professional.

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