Tea to calm, to lose weight, to stimulate the digestive system, to cure illnesses and other purposes. Well, you have certainly heard a lot about the benefits of this natural drink in general. However, nothing better than specifically understanding the beneficial effects promoted by this liquid in the human body when consumed daily.

Considerable reduction in heart problems

British research has concluded that the daily consumption of three cups of tea considerably reduces the risk of developing heart problems. This is due to the antioxidant properties present in the composition of teas. In addition, some studies by researchers at the University of Maryland have concluded that teas help prevent arteriosclerosis.

Enhanced Immune System

Scientific studies have also proven the effectiveness of green tea. One of them, carried out by the University of Oregon, came to prove that this drink favors the formation of T cells (T lymphocytes), which are responsible for promoting the coordination of the defense functions of the human body.

Decrease in high blood pressure

Three doses a day of black tea can help considerably reduce high blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. This conclusion was reached after research carried out by scholars at the University of Western Australia.

To treat and prevent cancer

Studies carried out by universities such as Strathclyde (Scotland) and Missouri concluded that green tea can be an ally in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Even tests with the drink ended up considerably reducing the size of tumors.