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Teas against tummy ache

by Dianna Leon

tummy ache is something so common in everyone’s life that we don’t even see it as a disease, we see it as a discomfort that will soon pass. The problem lies in the fact that, many times, this discomfort prevents us from doing simple daily tasks and even makes us miss a day of work or studies, interfering with schedules. The rush to get to the bathroom becomes a priority and has several causes: increased gas in the intestines, food intolerance, ingestion of spoiled foods, foods unfit for consumption, some virus, appendicitis, probable liver problems, menstrual cramps, intestinal cramps, etc. Regardless of its cause, it is unanimous: no one can stand a stomachache without complaining, especially when it comes to diarrhea. It is necessary to treat, assume postures that alleviate stomach pain and, if necessary, take medicine or tea in the process.

treating tummy ache

The best thing to do when the tummy ache strikes is to rest, take a pain medicine and drink a special tea for tummy ache. Finding out the cause of the pain is also important, because sometimes it can be accompanied by fever and malaise, being worse than imagined and needing specific treatment.

If you have a constant stomachache, be aware that this is not normal and seek medical attention. A good tip to help when investigating the causes is to have written down everything you ate or drank in the last few days. Write down everything you eat right after meals, so you don’t forget.

Teas for tummy ache

  • Boldo tea : this is the most famous tea to relieve stomach pain, it has been recommended from generation to generation. It deeply treats the liver in cases of food poisoning.
  • Chamomile tea : as is to be expected, chamomile tea soothes the stomach, relieving cramps and nausea.
  • Fennel tea : works by preventing flatulence.
  • Dill tea: this tea relieves pain and nausea.
  • Macela tea : treats what is bothering the liver and relieves pain.
  • Mint tea : the delicious mint tea alleviates nausea and colic.

Another interesting tip: In addition to teas, the water in your white rice can also help in these cases! That’s right: make your rice as usual, until the water turns white. Strain and drink the water with a pinch of salt and sugar, which improves the flavor. This rice water will work in cases of diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

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