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Low pressure teas

by Dianna Leon

Hypotension, popularly known as low blood pressure, affects many people and causes many discomforts. Especially on hot days, the drop in pressure causes discomfort and fainting. Despite this, the problem is not seen as a disease, but it is necessary to investigate its cause in order to be able to treat it correctly.

Some measures to control pressure drop

When you feel that your blood pressure is dropping and also the dizziness caused by the drop in pressure, place your legs up in order to increase the return of venous blood from the legs to the heart, increasing the amount of blood pumped. It’s important to stay hydrated, eat something salty, and drink caffeine. But always investigates what is behind your low blood pressure, which when recurrent, can be treated with improvements in nutrition, hormonal controls, among other measures.

To prevent it, do not spend too much time exposed to heat, stay hydrated and avoid long periods without eating. The values ​​that characterize low pressure are less than 9/6mmHg.

How to deal with?

There are some natural remedies that help to treat low blood pressure. Check below for some teas that can be used for this purpose.

Fennel, rosemary and clove tea

To prepare this tea, use the proportion of one teaspoon of fennel, one teaspoon of rosemary, and three cloves or headless cloves to each glass of water.

Put all the ingredients, including the water, in a pan and bring to the fire. When it comes to a boil, let the mixture simmer over white heat for approximately 10 minutes. Turn off and let stand covered for another ten minutes. Strain and consume. The recommended form of consumption is to drink tea every day at night, always before bed.

False Bilberry Tea

False boldo, used to treat poor digestion, can be used to control hypotension. To prepare the tea, use the proportion of one to three teaspoons of the leaves for every 150ml of water.

Put the water in a container and heat it. Bring to a boil, then turn off and add the boldo. Cover the mixture, and let it sit for another ten minutes. The recommended dose is two to three cups of tea a day. The tea should not be used in pregnant, nursing, children or people with high blood pressure. When consumed in excess, tea can cause gastric irritation.

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