Innovating in textile production of fine and delicate pieces such as lace, for example, is always an alternative capable of giving that extra touch of elegance and glamor to such pieces.The fabrics that cover the bride as a veil, for example, correspond to types of textile pieces that deserve special treatment and refinement, since they are part of the look of such an important moment in a woman’s life: the wedding.

Technique of dyeing a wedding veil with tea

As a result, a method of innovating the bridal veil has long been established: it is the method of dyeing such a piece using tea. That’s right! This technique is able to give the fabric a somewhat aged and, at the same time, elegant appearance.

Learn how to dye veil with tea

Initially, take a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Tip: It is important that the container is able to accommodate the veil piece without spilling.

Then add the tea sachets of your choice to the water and let them brew until the liquid acquires the desired shade for the fabric. When you notice that the water has reached the desired color, remove the bags and discard them.

Clean and dry, take the veil and soak in the liquid made from the infusion of tea sachets. Leave the veil submerged until it acquires the desired color.

At the end of the process, you must remove the piece, wash it under running water and then fix it in a place to be easily dried.