The dreaded and hated “dark circles” are the result of the action of melanin, a pigment that colors the skin, which can be triggered by problems related to sleep, dehydration or even the natural aging process (genetic tendency).

Why do we have dark circles and puffy eyes?

Swelling in the eyes can be caused by the dilation of the vessels that surround the eyes, bringing more blood to the area and confirming the pigmentation. Sleepless or sleepless nights, fatigue, smoking, stress, allergies and rhinitis can also trigger dark circles. Blemishes occur frequently in the premenstrual period and during pregnancy, as the eyelid turns white due to iron deficiency. They are aesthetically uncomfortable, but they can be resolved naturally.

Fighting bloating with tea bags

Keep the black tea bags or chamomile bags – just these two – in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. When swelling appears, remove them from the refrigerator – not forgetting to remove excess fluid – close your eyes and lie down in a comfortable position, place an iced tea bag over each eye and hold for five to 20 minutes, remembering that the longer the time, the greater the effectiveness of the method.

applying tea

If you prefer, make a very concentrated tea and apply cotton swabs soaked in the tea. Before applying the compress to the eyes, both the tea and the herb bags should be kept in the freezer for a few minutes.


An alternative to consider, given that the water itself has a vasoconstrictor effect, would be to fill an ice cube tray with strong green or black tea. Once frozen, cup the tea cubes on a towel and gently press it against the bone around the eyes.

And attention…

Don’t forget to breathe deeply! One of the causes of swelling can be lack of lymph flow, which can be remedied by combo breathing plus regular exercise.