The use of tea bags is not restricted to preparing the drink for human consumption, but it can also be used for the most diverse purposes, including coloring white lace curtains.White curtains are not always the best option for the home. In addition to often not matching the colors of furniture and rooms in the house, this color is very easy to acquire dirt or even, over time, end up getting grimy.

To avoid such inconveniences, a homemade alternative is to color natural fabrics with light shades, such as beige or gray. At home, there is nothing better than using a tea bag to achieve this coloration. Black tea, for example, has been used as ink since ancient times.

Technique for dyeing curtains using tea bags

First of all, wash the curtain with detergent and then rinse it well. Once that’s done, take the piece to a bowl or something. Make sure the curtain only fills 2/3 of the container.

Then add 380 ml of water to heat on the fire and add 12 tea sachets. If you want a shade lighter than beige, reduce the amount of sachets, while if you want a darker shade, add more units of sachets.

When you notice that the water has already acquired color, add the curtain and keep the liquid in the bags warm with the curtain already inside. Let the piece soak in the tea until it acquires the desired color.