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Caboclo vine tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

The avilla rugosa or brasiliana or even pilosa (cipó-caboclo), is a vine-type plant of variable size and woody. Native to Brazil and predominantly cultivated in states in the southern region, it is considered a medicinal plant and is endowed with depurative and stimulant properties. It has pale yellow flowers. Its leaves are curly and with larger ribs at the bottom.


The caboclo vine is also known by several other names They are: cape-man, vine-cape-man, carijó vine, red vine, sandpaper, sandpaper, lixeirinha, muiraqueteca, muirateteca, muraqueteca, sambaiba sambaibinha.

Caboclo vine and its medicinal properties

This plant is most often used as a purgative and in the treatment of venereal diseases. It is considered by most Brazilians a rich and powerful herb as a stimulant, purifying and aphrodisiac.

The tea (infusion) of this herb is effective as a diuretic, tonic, astringent, central nervous system stimulant, purgative and even helps to contain swelling in the legs.

This herb is generally advised as an antispasmodic, cleansing, antifebrile, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, purgative in higher doses, and an emmenagogue.

active principles

The active principles of davilla rugosa are divided into three groups: alkaloids: agoniadine and plumerine. Bitter principles : sugars; iridoids; fulvoplumerin and carbohydrates. Essential oils: farnessol, citronerol; plumeric acid; plumeride and resins.

Adverse effects and contraindications

The caboclo vine is an herb which should not, under any circumstances, be ingested (or even its tea) by children or pregnant women. In other humans, this plant can cause diarrhea if ingested in excessive doses.


In a liter of water, add two tablespoons of the herb and cook for approximately 10 minutes or until the boiling process begins. Then let it sit for another 10 minutes and then strain. It is recommended to drink two to three cups a day.

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