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Tea by maceration – How to do it?

by Dianna Leon

Although many people prepare teas through infusion, there are other ways that can be made to enjoy its benefits. For some teas, the correct way is not the infusion, but the maceration or decoction that can be prepared in different ways (that is, with different rest times for each herb).

How to make tea by steeping?

The maceration is done in a very different way from other preparation modes. To make a tea through this process, you must place the herbs in a container with cold water, and leave to soak for a period of between 10 and 24 hours, which depends on the material used.

For example, if they are leaves, you should leave them for approximately 10 hours; if they are stalks, bark and roots, cut into small pieces and leave for 24 hours.

After the period of the material to soak, steep it. This process is very good because because there is no cooking, the herb’s therapeutic properties are kept intact.

The process can be aided by rubbing the sheets, when this is the material used. The more crushed, the better it will be used.

When to use this process?

This process, which can be done with alcohol, oil or water, should be done with plants that have active ingredients that can be lost through heat, or even when they are rich in tannins.

hot water maceration

Hot water maceration is a process similar to the one described above, but done in hot water. This process should be used for plants that do not release their active components when at low temperatures, but which also cannot be boiled in order not to lose their properties. Usually, the plants that go through this process are those that have volatile compounds. For this, boil the water and add, right after turning off the heat, the herbs. Stir gently and cover, letting it rest.

How to consume?

It all depends on the purpose of consumption and which tea is being made. However, teas are always most effective when consumed in the morning, while fasting. Or at night before going to sleep. In addition, one should always follow medical advice or even the orientation of each type of plant for quantities used in preparation and quantities consumed, as well as contraindications and precautions for excessive consumption.

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