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Penny Herb Tea – The Benefits of This Plant

by Dianna Leon

With Brazilian origin, the herb tostão is one of the creeping plants most used in natural medicine to treat liver disorders. In its homeland, the plant also takes on the popular names of “Agra-Pinto”, “Ara-Pinto”, “tangaraça” and “Pig’s Bredo”. The herb’s branches can grow up to 70 centimeters in height and the root, the part most used in medicine along with the stem, is purple on the outside and white on the inside. It can be said that the taste of the penny herb is bitter, however, although not many people like the taste, it is certainly pleasing to health. It is an excellent antiseptic for the urinary tract, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, among other benefits stored among its properties .

What are the benefits of the herb and its tea?

Known for its excellence in the treatment of liver problems, the tostão herb tea is indicated for diseases of this organ, as well as for hepatitis and liver congestion. Another highlight for the plant’s benefits is that it helps a lot in curing urinary tract problems. Little-known diseases such as anuria and albuminuria are part of the list of treatments made by penny herb tea. The drink is also used in the treatment of cystitis , dyspepsia, edema, hemoptysis, jaundice, nephritis, urethritis, beriberi, bilious fever, stomach disorders and spleen. In addition, it can be used to calm the nerves of nervous sufferers. So it’s clear that taking a little tea during a nervous breakdown can be quite comforting.


This tea can be effective in treating snake bites!

How to make penny herb tea?

Buy the herb already ground or make it at home using a blender or shredder. For tea, add three tablespoons of the penny herb to a pot with a quart of water. If you want to make more tea, use the same amount of herb for each liter of water. Mix the ingredients and bring the fire, letting it cook for ten or fifteen minutes after boiling. After that time, turn off the stove and let the tea stand for ten minutes to brew, with the lid on, so that it absorbs more of the plant’s properties and cools a little. Once ready, just drink three to five cups a day.

*In case of unexpected reactions, seek medical help.

Pay close attention!

All natural treatments, as harmless as they may seem, can be quite dangerous. Therefore, the best thing to do is to consult a specialist and talk about the possibility of investing in natural remedies. Clear all your medical history and talk about the plant that caught your attention. The doctor will give you the correct doses and will guide you through the treatment.

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