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Celidonia Tea – Health Benefits and Properties

by Dianna Leon

Originally from Asia and Europe, celandine is also known as wart herb and swallow herb. It can reach up to 80 cm in height, its flowers are yellow/golden resembling small bouquets, its leaves are light green at the bottom and stronger green at the top, and still produce fruit. All parts of the plant can be used to make teas and preparations that bring various benefits to the body.

The benefits of celandine

Used as a preparation, celandine removes warts and calluses from the skin, in addition to treating wounds and scrofulous ulcers. It also serves as a local sedative to prevent discomfort and relieve pain.

As a tea, celandine is effective in the treatment of throat infections and gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis, stomach pains, ulcers, among others. Regulates the intestine, preventing possible dysfunctions of it and the gallbladder.

Still as a diuretic, celandine tea stimulates the functioning of the bladder, making the person urinate more times a day and thus better clean the body. As an antimicrobial, the plant also prevents infections caused by bacteria, microbes and fungi, since it inhibits its development.

How to prepare tea and celandine preparation

To drink the tea, crush 1 fresh celandine leaf and place it in a cup of tea with the water still hot. Cover and let stand overnight. The next morning, strain and drink the tea while fasting. It is the ideal tea to eliminate gallstones and activate liver functions.

If your problem is some type of gallbladder infection, set aside a bottle of white wine, 5 tablespoons of the dried plant and some star anise seeds. Let it sit for a week, then strain and squeeze. Drink 1 cup before main meals until the drink runs out.

For skin problems, crush the leaves, wrap them in a clean cloth and place them under a pan of boiling water, without getting wet. Let the steam penetrate the cloth and soften the leaves. Then, when it is warm, put it on the bruised, painful or wart area and let it stay for up to half an hour. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day for 7 days. If the site does not definitely improve during this period, repeat it for another week, twice a day, until the problem that afflicts you completely disappears.


Hypertonia sufferers, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding should avoid using this tea.

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