Have you heard about the benefits of marjoram tea ? Here you will get to know this plant and, for sure, be surprised by its medicinal capacity. Discover everything about the origin, benefits and how to prepare this natural tea!

First of all, the scientific name of marjoram is Origanum majorana and it is known as the closest relative of oregano . It is a plant native to Europe, but currently it can be found in virtually any part of the world.

It has creeping characteristics, oval and small leaves, the plant can reach up to 50 cm in height and has an extremely pleasant aroma. It is part of the Lamiaceae family. It can be popularly known under other names and nicknames, such as hymeneus flower and amaraco. It is often confused with oregano because of its structural similarity.

Owner of a complex composition, marjoram is rich in substances that promote benefits for women’s health, heart, liver and the body and general. Check out:

What is this tea for?

Marjoram tea has long been used to treat various ailments. With the advancement of science, it was possible to prove several benefits for the human body.

Therefore, we have separated for you from the list with the main medicinal benefits of this tea. Look:

  • Regulates menstruation and female hormones
  • It’s antioxidant
  • Helps to control diabetes
  • Prevents ulcers
  • Eliminates bacteria from the body
  • Has anti-inflammatory potential
  • protect the heart
  • It’s good for the liver
  • Relieves stress and helps you sleep better
  • Combat child colic

There are many benefits! It is worth noting that these listed are the benefits that have been provided by science to date. Of course there are other healthy advantages, but these are still being studied or tested.

Find out more about the benefits

Now you will see a little more about each of the benefits listed above. This is also where you will confirm that all these benefits are true. Information is based on scientific sources and official research. Check out our scientific references at the end of the article!

Regulates menstruation and female hormones

One of the main benefits of marjoram is its properties that help women’s health , especially in relation to the menstrual cycle and uterine health (1, 5). A study of women who have polycystic ovaries bought many advantages.

First, it’s good to make it clear that marjoram tea has been used for decades as a natural menstrual regulator. In fact, there are properties in this plant that benefit the uterus as they regulate female hormones (estrogen) and help to regulate menstruation.

Likewise, marjoram tea is also responsible for increasing insulin sensitivity. According to the study, this effect benefits the female menstrual cycle .

In this way, the menstrual cycle works better and menstrual regulation can be achieved if the tea is administered correctly. Furthermore, with the hormonal maintenance promoted by this tea, there are benefits to a woman’s overall health.

It’s antioxidant

Another of the main benefits of marjoram is its antioxidant action (2, 4, 5). Studies have proven that marjoram has antioxidant substances (carotenoids) that fight free radicals and prevent various diseases.

Free radicals are substances that impair the life cycle and regeneration of the body’s cells. They come from food and are responsible for increasing the risk of various diseases. For example, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, degenerative diseases, premature aging and diabetes .

Also, antioxidant foods help the whole body in general. In fact, studies link the consumption of antioxidants with the quality and beauty of the skin, for example.

Helps control diabetes

An American study linked the properties of marjoram with a super benefit: controlling diabetes and improving insulin sensitivity (1). Anyone with diabetes knows that this is a very important benefit.

Therefore, increased insulin sensitivity can be of great help in treating the disease. In addition, it can reduce the chances of blood glucose peaks, a situation that brings several symptoms, such as malaise, fainting and anxiety.

Prevents ulcers

In recent years, some scientific studies have obtained good results when it comes to preventing ulcers using the properties of marjoram (3, 5). Although tests on humans have not yet been performed, a medical study has proven this effect in laboratory animals.

In addition to preventing ulcers, scientists discovered that this plant is able to reduce stomach acidity , which reduces the incidence of injuries and problems such as stomach heartburn, for example.

Thus, the tea from this plant may be the secret to solving these problems. As there are no contraindications, you can start using this tea for this purpose and check the results yourself.

Eliminates bacteria in the body

Laboratory tests confirmed that marjoram is very effective when it comes to eliminating bacteria from the body (4,5). In some cases, this plant is even compared to pharmaceutical antibiotics due to its great medicinal potential.

The inhibition or elimination of bacteria is very important to keep the body safe from various diseases and risks. In particular, the study revealed the inhibitory action of marjoram for 6 types of bacteria. They are: Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritidis, Listeria ivanovii, Listeria inocula , and Listeria monocytogenes .

All of these are responsible for illnesses. For example, the bacteria Escherichia coli (also called E-Coli) is a common cause of urinary and intestinal infections . Thus, marjoram enters the select list of foods with high bactericidal capacity.

Has anti-inflammatory potential

A scientific summary about the medicinal and pharmaceutical potentials of marjoram brings in its list of benefits the anti-inflammatory action (5).

Thus, marjoram tea can help in the treatment and recovery of inflammatory diseases and relieve the famous pain in the lower back, joints and shoulders, which are often caused by minor inflammation.

However, it is worth noting that it is not trying to fight inflammation with marjoram if your diet is not healthy. That is, there are foods that increase inflammation, so they should be avoided. It’s not use drinking this tea and eating foods rich in fat, salt and sugar, for example.

protect the heart

Some research done in the laboratory has proven that marjoram has components that help protect the heart (5). According to the results, the plant can even be used to assist in the treatment of thrombocytosis and agranulocytosis.

This happens thanks to the anticoagulant action promoted thanks to some substances in the composition of marjoram. They help keep the blood flowing more freely , which improves blood flow and heart health.

In general, marjoram has substances that improve blood circulation and ensure the proper functioning of the heart. In this way, it is possible to protect yourself from various illnesses and incidents such as heart attacks, for example.

It’s good for the liver

Another benefit of marjoram is that it helps the liver to work harder and better, in addition to decreasing the chance of liver disease (5). The tea from this plant improves liver functions and prevents various organ diseases.

Relieves stress and helps you sleep better

This is a great benefit for people who live under pressure and have difficulty sleeping. It has been proven by medicine that marjoram tea has a sedative effect (5). In other words, it helps relieve the nervous system and causes light sleep.

Drinking marjoram tea before presentations, job interviews and moments of pressure can be the key to calming down. In addition, this drink can be used as an aid in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders .

Combat child colic

Finally, one of the traditional uses of marjoram tea is to relieve childhood colic (6). The colic in infants and children is a very common problem that many desperate parents who do not know what to do.

Marjoram tea has been used to alleviate and treat this problem for years. And this benefit has been proven by science. However, it is important to administer the use of this tea under the supervision of a specialist physician. High doses of tea can harm the little ones.

In addition, the study that showed this benefit as true was still able to prove that marjoram tea can relieve abdominal discomfort in general , including in adults.

How to prepare tea?

The recipe for marjoram tea is very simple and brings all the benefits shown above. Follow the simple instructions below to prepare the best natural marjoram tea:

  1. Heat 2 cups of water in a pot or kettle.
  2. When the water boils, turn off the heat and add 1 tablespoon of marjoram.
  3. Then cover for 10 minutes.
  4. Finally, strain and drink without sweetening.

How many times to take?

In case of treatment, when using tea as an auxiliary, the ideal is to consume 2 cups of the drink a day . So, have a cup after lunch and another one after dinner. Do not consume more than this amount as it can be harmful.

The best time for tea is in the evening , after dinner. However, if you take a long time to sleep after drinking the tea, it may end up whetting your appetite, thanks to its carminative effect (5).

Contraindications and care

Like any natural food, you can’t exaggerate the consumption of marjoram. The excessive consumption may cause such symptoms as anxiety, somnolence and affect the menstrual cycle negatively.

This is a tea that should not be taken by pregnant women . Thanks to its menstrual regulating effect, tea is able to harm pregnancy and fetus. On the other hand, there are no contraindications regarding the consumption of tea by lactating women.

Despite combating infantile colic, never give tea to children without the permission of an expert doctor.