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Coriander tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Coriander is an herb widely used in northeastern cuisine. Cousin of parsley, this herb has a very strong smell and is also popular in Europe, where it is used completely. The root and leaves as seasoning, and their seeds as ingredients for teas with medicinal properties. With a 35-day cycle in summer, the herb can be grown from September to March in southern and southeastern Brazil, and in other regions it can be grown throughout the year, provided it is fertile and well-drained. Harvesting can be done 35 days after planting.

Coriander tea and medicine

With diuretic, stimulant and anti-inflammatory properties, the tea can be used to treat stomach and bowel problems, as well as helping to control flatulence. Its consumption also helps in the treatment of migraine, fatigue, poor digestion, anorexia nervosa, rheumatism, joint pain, halitosis, nausea, vomiting, digestive loss and cramps. In addition, it prevents roundworms and roundworms and regulates menstrual delay, and can also be used to detoxify the liver and gallbladder in case of overeating.

The oil made with coriander seed has the same properties, and can also combat headaches, swelling, conjunctivitis, rheumatism, mouth ulcers and hemorrhoids, in addition to being considered an excellent aphrodisiac.

How to consume coriander?

When buying coriander, prefer those that have a brighter green color, in addition to crunchy stalks. Chop the leaves just a few moments before using them, otherwise they may lose their specific aroma. The flavor can be lost when the food is cooked for a long time, so the ideal is to always add it to the recipes at the end of the preparation.

The seeds, whole, can be used in the preparation of fish, bread, cakes and pasta, and when crushed, they are ideal to complement sauces and accompany red meat. It can also be used mixed with other spices, or to flavor preserves, sausages and vinegars.

How to prepare tea?

To prepare coriander tea, you should use the ratio of two tablespoons of coriander seeds to every liter of water. In a container, put the water and wait for it to boil. Then add the seeds and bring to a boil for a brief period of approximately two minutes. Then turn off the heat, cover the mixture and let it stand for about ten minutes, straining and then consuming throughout the day.

Contraindications and precautions

When consumed in excess, it can cause kidney damage, drunkenness and madness. No contraindications were found in the literature consulted. In some isolated cases, however, there may be an allergy. If this happens, discontinue use and consult a physician.

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