Caraway is a plant used in alternative medicine for at least 5,000 years. It is also named after kummel, Roman cumin, Armenian cumin, caraway, caraway, caraway, alkyrevia, meadow cumin, mountain cumin and cumin.

The used parts of the tree are its roots, leaves and fruits, all of which are extremely beneficial to health. The first can be consumed as a vegetable, the leaves are great for teas and salad dressing, and the fruits can be ingested by infusion or decoction.

Caraway tea


Caraway leaf tea has purgative, laxative, stimulating, digestive, diuretic, aromatic, antacid, antiflatulent properties, stimulates appetite, destroys intestinal worms, stimulates breast milk production, regulates menstrual flow and is stomachic.

The drink can also be used to treat windy cramps, nausea, gas, distended abdomen, nerve pain, fever, regulate glandular and respiratory functions, balance the water process, cramps and chronic coughs.


  • 1 teaspoon of leaves;
  • 200ml of water.

preparation mode

While the water is boiling, crush all the leaves of the plant. After crushing them, place them in the boiling water. Wait for it to boil. Once boiled, turn off the heat and smother the drink for approximately 15 minutes. Try to drink tea 2-3 times a day.


Avoid drinking too much of the drink. It can end up becoming something toxic to your body. Pregnant women and children should also abstain from caraway tea.