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Cariçoba tea – Properties and benefits for memory

by Dianna Leon

Cariçoba ( Hydrocotyle bonariensis Lam .) is a creeping plant of the Umbelifera family, also popularly known as captain’s grass, donkey’s ear, parasol and barbarosa. The plant has large, curly leaves, its flowers are white or pale yellow, small and numerous; the fruits are small, with two seeds inside, in a flat capsule shape. Normally, the plant grows along the entire coast, close to flooded regions, beaches, dunes, shady terrains and wet meadows. It is the pioneer species of coastal restinga.

Therapeutic properties

Acariçoba has anti-rheumatic, emetic, diuretic, liver and kidney cleanser, purgative, aperient and anti-hydropic properties.


Acariçoba is a peripheral vasodilator and is indicated for memory loss and difficulty in storing information. In addition, it has mild diuretic action. In external use, the whole cooked plant is used to heal scabies and other skin blemishes; for internal use, only the boiling of its root is used, for cases of spleen, liver and bowel disorders, diarrhea, dropsy, rheumatism and syphilis. The plant is also used to treat erysipelas, scrofula, syphilis, morphea and tuberculous affections, in addition to being indicated as an aid in cases of nervous system dystonia, stress, fatigue, irritability and insomnia.

How to use acariçoba?

Acariçoba can be used in capsule (powder from the plant) and tincture (liquid) forms. To remove freckles, prepare tea using 50 grams of the plant to 1 liter of water. After preparation, rub on the affected area.

Intern use

Powder : 250 grams, in water or milk, two to three times a day.
Fresh juice : five leaves, beaten in a blender with a glass of water or milk, in the evening at bedtime.

External use

Decoction : 150 g of the powder to four liters of water. Taking baths. It is useful as a healing agent.
Medicated oil : Local application two to three times a day.


It is contraindicated in pregnant women. It is necessary to be careful with the amount, as in high doses it can cause temporary headaches, dizziness, nausea, among other unwanted effects

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