Reaching up to 6 m in height, the plant of the Poaceae family, the common cane is a species full of benefits for the human body. Also called cane-do-kingdom, canne or bamboo-do-kingdom, the herb concentrates beneficial properties in the roots and it is from this part that a tea capable of treating health problems can be extracted.

Benefits of this plant

With medicinal properties ranging from diuretic, sweating, energetic restorative and expectorant, common cane can be used to treat health problems that affect the human body.

These actions can be divided into two main indications: in case of respiratory problems or for intestinal disorders.

In the first case, it can be said that the respiratory problems treated by this plant are bronchitis, catarrhal affections, coughs, flu and the toning of the organism, eliminating fatigue. When it comes to the digestive system, common sugarcane can eliminate difficult digestion, intestinal cramps, among other situations.

How to make common cane tea?

This natural medicine is prepared by infusing the plant’s roots and water. First, cut 40 g of the plant’s root into small pieces. Then, just put them inside a container with a liter of boiled water. The reservoir is capped and left to infuse for approximately 10 minutes.

After the specified time, the liquid needs to be strained and if it is the consumer’s preference, it can be sweetened with caution. In cases where honey is used to replace sugar itself, the recipe already gains another ally against flu and respiratory problems.

Contraindications and special care

The remedies, whether natural or not, have contraindications, as not every organism is prepared to receive the properties and active principles that exist in the composition of these products.

In the case of common sugarcane root tea, the contraindication goes to women who are breastfeeding, because the plant has galatofugas, an effect that interferes with the flavor and benefits of breast milk.

In addition to this observation, it is important to highlight that no medication should be taken without medical evaluation. This alert serves to remind you that self-medication can be as harmful as lack of care, as each body reacts in a different way and it is necessary to be very careful at this point.

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