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Powerful teas to treat liver fat

by Dianna Leon

So that we can talk about fat in the liver and its possible treatments, it is first necessary to understand the functions that this organ assumes in our body. In our organism there is no such thing as one organ being more important than another, they all work together for a good functioning of our system, and if one is “defective”, or harmed in some way, the others will be overloaded and this will decay, slowly but generally.

The liver is the organ of the human body responsible for our detoxification, when we consume medications, drugs or “heavy foods” it acts to eliminate these substances from our body. It also metabolizes the cholesterol present in our system and is a producer of bile responsible for digesting food in the stomach.

Once the functions of this important organ are clarified, we can then talk about the accumulation of fats in the liver. The main villain and cause of this evil is poor diet, intake of foods rich in fat and often unhealthy that end up compromising the proper functioning of our liver and overloading it with a higher rate of fat than it can actually support .

However, other factors also cause this accumulation of fat such as indiscriminate consumption of alcohol, diseases such as hepatitis, diabetes and obesity which is crucial at this point. The more fat an individual has, therefore, the more health problems he will have, and these problems directly affect the liver.

The symptoms of patients with this condition are: dizziness, nausea followed by vomiting, constant headaches, swelling in the abdominal region, lack of appetite, abdominal pain on the right side of the body, and the most notable is the yellowish pigmentation of the skin and eyes.

Powerful teas against liver fat

Let’s look at some naturaltea- based treatments for this disease that affects a large percentage of the population today….

Onion Solution

Cook 4 onions in a 1 liter serving of water and take small servings throughout the day for a period of one month.

Ironwood Pods

To prepare the infusion, it is necessary to mash 3 pods, leaving them to soak in 1 liter of water for a period of 3 days. Its consumption is recommended twice a day.

Leather Hat Tea

To prepare tea, just boil 20 grams of the plant for each liter of water. It is recommended to consume it 3 times a day.

Carqueja tea

Drink 3 cups of tea daily to fight liver problems.

Lettuce tea

It is recommended to consume up to 3 cups of tea daily to help fight liver build-up and fats. To make the tea, just separate 80 grams of lettuce for each liter of water and bring to the boil until it comes to a boil.

Balanced food

It is almost impossible to talk about treatments for stable health and not talk about a balanced diet. As we have already seen, poor diet and excessive consumption of high-fat foods directly affect the liver and are one of the main villains in the accumulation of fat in it, so it is essential to create awareness that good nutrition is essential to treat this disease. . Adhering to apple consumption is a good tip, since the fruit has properties that detoxify and thus promotes the purification of the organ.

Physical exercise practice

As the name itself gives the hint, those who have accumulation of fat need an essential counterweight, which is the practice of physical exercise so that these unwanted fats are eliminated from our body. It is important to emphasize that consultation with a specialist physician is always indicated

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