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Boldo tea – What are its benefits?

by Dianna Leon

Peumus boldus Molina is the scientific name of one of the most requested plants in home medicine, the boldo . It is a great remedy to cure occasional digestion problems, cold sweats and liver problems. The infusion can be prepared using the cultivated leaves or from tea bags sold in supermarkets.

Boldo is a plant native to Chile that has an intense and mint- like aroma . It has properties that are beneficial to treat digestive problems, acting directly and relatively quickly on the stomach, helping the process of food digestion. Boldo has lactone, a bitter-tasting substance that is very effective in digesting fat.

In addition to this application, boldo can be used in association with slimming diets , in cases of dietary reeducation, as it has a strong diuretic action . In the case of diets, it is always good to have a nutritionist who can balance the diet in order to keep the body healthy.

During treatment, the tea can be used daily, but only once a day, as its excessive use can cause stomach irritation. The ingestion of tea is recommended preferably without sugar for those who want to follow a diet, as this way the infusion will not have any caloric value.


General benefits of boldo

  • Helps in digestion and in the functioning of the digestive system in general;
  • It alleviates the unpleasant effects that can be caused by drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • Helps in the treatment of gastritis and gallbladder problems;
  • Decreases the presence of gases ;
  • Decreases heartburn symptoms;
  • It acts with antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial action;
  • Improves liver function;
  • It has a calming effect;
  • It deals with constipation issues.

your tea recipe


– A dessert spoon of chopped boldo leaves or a sachet unit (from supermarkets)

– A cup of tea of ​​boiling water

Way of doing:

  1. After the water has been boiled and poured into the cup, add the ready-made sachet or the chopped leaves and smother it;
  2. Leave covered for a few minutes (around 10 minutes);
  3. After that, strain, in case of using chopped leaves;
  4. Drink it when it’s at the right temperature.

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