The name may not be one of the easiest ones, but earl gray’s powers are hugely popular. Known as English tea, as it is the favorite in England as the typical “afternoon tea”, the herb has in its composition a mixture of ceylon and Indian black tea, flavored with essential oil of bergamot, better known in Brazil as mandarin.Rich in nutrients, English tea can be an ally of people who fight against many diseases in the human body. Despite being the most famous, there are other infusions with the same characteristics, such as green tea and white tea.

The role of English tea on human health

The numerous properties present in this drink leave it with the power to protect the health of the human body. See some of its benefits:

  • With its antiseptic power, it helps in the digestive processes;
  • It also fights stomach infections with the help of bergamot, preventing nausea, indigestion and even colic;
  • Eliminates excess heart-damaging fats;
  • With the help of bergamot, it combats symptoms of depression, anxiety, nervousness, stress and sudden drops in mood;
  • It improves immunity, reduces high body temperatures in patients, and is advisable for people who have the flu;
  • Stops fluid retention, improving urinary tract infections;
  • It’s a great stimulant for those who need a lot of energy during the day;
  • Because it has antioxidants, earl gray tea fights premature aging, keeping the body healthy, young and away from disease;
  • Protects teeth, making your smile even more beautiful and healthy.

Learn how to prepare earl gray tea

Heat a kettle with a considerable amount of water. When it starts to boil, remove the container from the heat and pour the liquid into a teapot. Then add a full teaspoon for each cup to be served, that is, if there are four cups, it will be four tablespoons. There are teas sold in sachets, which are more practical, but do not contain the best earl gray leaves.

Once this is done, just wait for some time: if you prefer stronger tea, wait 9 to 10 minutes to serve, however, if you are one of those who prefer a weak liquid, you only need to wait 4 to 5 minutes for the brew. 

After the preparation time, sweeten according to your taste. Sweeteners are less caloric than other sugars, however, there are those who prefer to drink tea with milk, if you happen to be one of those, let the sugar present in the milk sweeten the tea. 

It is recommended to drink once a day. Don’t overdo it, because heavy drinking is never beneficial. Another tip is to never leave the leaves to steep for a long time, otherwise the tea will taste very bitter. By following the instructions correctly and adding some biscuits – not very high-calorie – you will have a strong, healthy and very tasty meal.