Also known as fever tree, gum seal and white seal, stick seal is used in alternative medicine to treat rheumatism, dermatosis, impingement and wounds caused by insects.

Rheumatism is a very broad expression, little used by doctors, but still well known in popular language.

The term is usually a synonym for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and is often used when the patient has some inflammation in the joint.

In general, rheumatologic diseases are problems that mainly affect joints, bones or muscles. The patient who has the disease experiences severe pain that prevents the practice of normal daily activities, directly compromising their quality of life.

The pain caused by the disease can be relieved by using a stick of seal. In addition, people who suffer from skin problems, such as acne, bouts and wounds caused by insect bites, can also use the plant as a form of natural treatment.

How to use the sealing stick

If your intention is to combat the ailments brought by rheumatologic diseases, you can make a beneficial tea, from the decoction of the peels of the stick.

For those who want to relieve skin problems, the most suitable is the infusion made from the leaves of the stick.