“We are what we eat”, this maxim makes perfect sense, as food directly reflects on who we are and how we act. Some foods give us strength, others make us fat, some free us from certain illnesses, and a host of others that cause us illnesses.The importance of food has never been a secret, on the contrary, it has always been a very important factor to maintain a healthier life. There are foods so tasty that it is difficult to list all the benefits extracted from them, as is the case with pecan.

Healthy, tasty and nutritious. Pecan is a type of edible nut, in addition to being tasty, it has properties in its shells that help fight some health problems and also fight more dangerous diseases.


  • It has some antioxidants, such as gamma and tocopherol;
  • Contains vitamin E;
  • Covers phytoestrogens;
  • It also has resveratrol.

What is pecan tea for?

People who have blood problems can fearlessly drink pecan tea, as it reduces bad cholesterol and fatty plaques, preventing thrombosis; unclog the blocked arteries, thus avoiding bypass surgeries; cleanses impurities in the bloodstream caused by cigarette nicotine and other chemical medicine residues.

It helps in the treatment of serious illnesses such as cancer, which can affect the breasts, stomach, lungs, ovaries, uterus, among other organs. It also cures heart problems as well as high blood pressure.

The tea can act to combat insomnia, asthmatic bronchitis, migraines, sinusitis and nervous diseases, such as hepatitis, ulcers and gastritis. In addition to regulating diabetes.

Kidney, ovarian and bladder infections are other conditions that can be cured by drinking the fluid. And you can say goodbye to the vaginal discharge, the excruciating pain in your spine, hips, and joints in your body, if you take the substance.

As seen, pecan shell tea offers numerous health benefits. And there’s more: those who have anemia and liver cirrhosis or suffer from epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease can also get rid of these problems by drinking tea frequently.

In addition to acting on all these diseases, the pecan is a great ally for people who appear to be overweight, but who are actually just swollen – the result of some chemical remedies – as it helps with weight loss.

How to make tea?

First, when going to buy the product, opt for walnuts with whiter shells, well closed and without holes. That’s the guarantee of a wholesome item inside.

Choose the ones that smell fresh or at least odorless. To avoid mistakes, test the shells. Secure the walnuts in a closed container with a lid and shake. The best ones won’t come off their shells.

Having chosen the best nuts, remove the shells and pass them in a crusher. If you prefer, there are commercial points that sell the shell ready to use.

Put two liters of water to heat and, as soon as it starts to boil, turn off the stove and add a flat tablespoon of the pecan nut shells. After that, cover and let the mixture infuse for 10 minutes.

Then just take as many times as you like. Ideally, for more serious illnesses, the substance is taken every day, for at least two months.