After China, the country that consumes the most tea in the world is India. There are many herbs for this type of purpose, which has already become not only a passion, but also a local culture. For this reason, various types of teas have emerged, including what is known as Indian tea. This, like coffee, can also be served with milk. This marriage that has already worked and is very successful, makes the taste of the drink even more attractive.

Indian Tea Recipe


  • Two cups of skim milk;
  • A cup of filtered water;
  • Two tablespoons of black tea;
  • Four whole cardamoms;
  • Two carnations;
  • Two cinnamon sticks;
  • A piece of ginger;
  • Sugar or honey to taste.

Method of preparation and consumption

Bring the water to a boil over low heat. Wait for the first bubbles to appear, then add sugar or honey, if applicable. Also add the dosages of black tea and only then want the other ingredients in the pan. However, it is important to leave the milk last. Once you have placed all the items, stir the contents still on the fire and wait for the milk to boil.

However, when the tea is going up the pot, it is not yet time to remove it from the fire. Only remove the pan until it can go down and put it back on the stove. Keep repeating this technique until the liquid takes on a reddish hue. The closer the tea gets to red, the stronger it will be, and therefore the combination of benefits is greater.

As it looks pleasant to the consumer, the tea should be strained before going to the table. This is because cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and cloves do not need to be ingested for the body to obtain the benefits and properties of this spice. By boiling processes, the beneficial substances are already adhered to the liquid. To drink and enjoy the tea content, you should choose to drink it first thing in the morning or, at least, avoid it at night. That’s because black tea has a lot of caffeine and can cause insomnia in those who consume it.