Planting is not always easy as it takes time for growers. However, most medicinal plants are so independent that they can survive without much care. In addition to being easy, having your own garden at home brings countless benefits that will depend only on the plants that will be chosen for germination, considering that each one has medicinal properties that help maintain health for a healthier life.Thinking about practicality and healthy aspects, Tea Benefits brought ways to cultivate and the qualities of five plants that, in addition to helping human health, can further decorate and beautify your garden.

Five medicinal plants to grow at home

To plant and always have a good crop, it is only necessary to have a good land and a place where there is an adequate amount of sun. The choice of plant is essential to result in these factors, as they need to be versatile. So here are five examples to start planting at home.

Rosemary: digestive agent

For those who have a lot of digestive problems, rosemary is a good option. So this plant has substances that are effective in the digestion process. In addition, it fights bacteria and acts as a mental stimulant. To use rosemary and obtain its benefits, it is necessary to remove the leaves and store them in a shady place until they dry. After this procedure, just use them to prepare a delicious tea.

how to plant

You have two options for growing rosemary, in seed form or from seedlings. The latter is the best alternative, as it is the one that sprouts most easily and frequently. As for the soil, it can be sandy and you should choose a place where the sun shines for a long time. Ideally, plant with about a third of the shoot exposed.

Garlic: Blood improver

Prevents colds. Lowers cholesterol. Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke. These are just some of the benefits provided by garlic, which in addition to having a strong taste is one of the most powerful plants for curing diseases. Anyone who wants to get all these advantages, should eat one or two teeth a day or add this delicacy to meals.

how to plant

This type of plant grows in any soil, but to do this it is necessary to plant the garlic cloves two inches deep and keep the soil a little moist at first. In addition, it is necessary that the grower pay attention to the flowering of the plant, and thus cut the flower stalk, making the plant concentrate on producing more teeth.

Aloe Vera: a famous slug

The leaves of this plant are able to clean, sanitize, protect and assist in the healing of wounds and burns. To do this, the patient cuts a sheet and squeezes the transparent gel that this spice contains over these wounds. After the juice dries, it forms a dressing keeping the place sterile and moist. In addition, this same substance present in aloe is an aid in hair treatments, leaving the strands stronger and less brittle.

how to plant

Planting takes place through a seedling. It is a plant that does not survive very well at low temperatures and, therefore, needs warm places, that is, in a lot of contact with the sun. It also requires little water for maintenance and little daily care.

Chamomile: a natural tranquilizer

Sweet and anti-inflammatory agent, chamomile acts as a natural tranquilizer, which reduces anxiety and ends insomnia. Despite these benefits, it is also used to relieve intestinal pain caused by poor digestion. To enjoy this spice, cut stalks and hang them to dry in the sun. After this process, pull out the dry leaves and store them in dark, closed containers. Then just prepare the delicious tea with the herb.

how to plant

This is a type of plant that prefers more humid places, so always keep the soil in these conditions so that the chamomile grows naturally. To plant, just spread seeds through the bed and then pound them in the ground, prefer to do this process in the spring.

Licorice root: agent against colds

This plant is an excellent home remedy for people who have a cold, as it combats coughs and sore throats. It is ideal for making tea because its composition makes it have a slightly sweet taste. If you want to produce this drink, you need to dig up the roots, divide them in half and store them in a dark place for approximately six months. After all the time proposed, grind the root until it turns to powder and then just prepare the tea.

how to plant

Plant the seedlings about an inch deep in the soil, which should be rich and drained. Licorice is a tall plant, which can reach from 90 centimeters to two meters in height, so reserve a place with plenty of space to enjoy your own plantation in the best possible way.