Drinking tea has become a routine in many people’s lives, whether to treat a health problem or simply to improve mood and, consequently, withstand the rush of daily work, extra activities, etc.

And nothing is more fun than making use of cups that match your personality. It can be animal drawings for those who love a pet ; figures from the favorite series; caricatures of favorite bands or artists.

What really matters is to let your imagination go and look for the print that best suits you and your mood. In this way, drinking tea becomes an even more pleasant and welcoming moment.

mugs models

1. Fans of international pop

2. Rock + Dogs = My God I want this mug

3. Colorful Frida

4. The POP crowd freaks out!

5. But there’s also an option for those who like video games

6. An alternative for the jealous…

7. Colored to brighten the day

8. Travel without leaving your seat

9. Harry Potter fan also drink tea?

10. To die of love while drinking tea

11. Comic book fans also have a turn

12. The evolution of the Simpsons

13. Who resists kittens?

14. What about big scarf bears?

15. The choice for pet lovers

16. Music goes very well with tea

17. Option for on-call creatives

18. Space travelers

19. Series and teas are complements

20. There could not be missing an option for lovebirds