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Stimulating teas for those who play sports

by Dianna Leon

The practice of sports, despite being an extremely healthy habit, requires energy and disposition. Therefore, it is important to include some foods in your diet that help to increase these factors. In this article, we will indicate some teas and natural drinks that work in this way.

buggy tea

The plant, also known as porangaba and wild coffee, produces fruits similar to those of roasted coffee, and with these fruits a drink is made that replaces coffee. In addition to having a slimming effect, the plant inhibits appetite, giving a feeling of satiety. Its action also involves its diuretic properties, and stimulants of blood circulation, so that it acts to eliminate toxins from the body and reduce cellulite. In addition to all this, it acts as a fat burner, and is widely used in compounds that complement other plants with stimulating action, such as ginseng, guarana and green tea, for example. However, it is necessary that people who have problems with anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, stress, be careful with consumption.

green tea

Made from the leaves of the Camelia sinensis tree , this tea has high levels of caffeine. With stimulant properties, the plant also has an antioxidant effect, helping to fight premature aging of the skin, in addition to reducing bad cholesterol levels. The presence of bioflavonoids and catechins make it capable of blocking possible cell alterations. The preparation of this tea, however, is different from the usual ones. Do not use boiling water, but when it is about to boil, otherwise the tea will turn bitter. The infusion must be done for a period between 5 and 10 minutes.



Coffee, known to everyone and very popular, is a drink that, in moderate doses, comforts and stimulates the body to burn calories. It has thermogenic effects due to caffeine, which acts to increase the speed of metabolism. The properties of coffee act on adipose tissues and, indirectly, on the release of epinephrine, stimulating lipolysis, which is the burning of fat. In addition, caffeine facilitates motor activity due to the stimulation made in motoneurons, making people who consume it practice motor activities with more agility, skill and safety. However, when in high doses – above four cups a day – coffee can be very harmful, interfering with sleep, causing irritability and nervousness, in addition to increasing the elimination of calcium in the urine and reducing iron absorption.

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