There are a variety of medicinal plants that are used in the form of teas to treat certain illnesses and ailments. However, just like drugs sold in pharmacies, these drinks have indications, contraindications and side effects. For this reason, those who like to invest in teas to ensure health should also be aware of the correct ways to consume them.

Due to lack of knowledge and eagerness to achieve the desired goals, some people exaggerate the daily doses of teas and, instead of preventing or treating the problem, ends up creating others. So check out the correct amount for some of the most popular drinks and find out what they’re for.

Types of teas

Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world and, even so, we do not know all medicinal plants and their forms of consumption. On the other hand, some herbs are very famous for their purposes, such as boldo, carqueja, fennel, chamomile, black and green tea, etc.

Taking these examples into consideration, we can say that those who want to keep the intestine working properly and the stomach free from digestive problems should bet on boldo and carqueja teas. These, in addition to providing relief in the digestive processes, are also indicated to eliminate heartburn and control diabetes, respectively.

While fennel and chamomile teas are the anxiety control beverages. Eliminate stress and help you relax. In addition, this first herb can also be used by those who want to stimulate digestive functions. And the second helps the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Black and green tea, on the other hand, are stimulants and serve to increase the productivity of those who drink them. Rich in caffeine, they eliminate sleep and help speed up the body’s metabolic processes.

How to drink teas?

Despite being tasty and beneficial, teas also need to be controlled in their consumption. It’s okay to take them daily, but too much can be harmful to your health. Experts say the daily amount should be no more than five cups. Ideal number for those who want to achieve someones results without the body.

For example, stimulant teas that are high in caffeine should be avoided at night as they can impair sleep. Patients who have arrhythmia and high blood pressure should also not use these drinks.

If you have any doubts regarding any type of tea, see your doctor and ask him to advise you on the best option and the correct way to consume it according to your problem.