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Carambola tea – Benefits of this infusion

by Dianna Leon

Fruit of the carambola ( Averrhoa carambola ), the carambola is a fruit originally from India and rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and C. In addition to the fruit itself and its juice, the carambola can also act in a beneficial way in human organism through the ingestion of tea from the plant.

Among the medicinal indications of carambola, emphasis is placed on fighting fever, stimulating appetite, preventing aging and curing diseases such as scurvy. It is rich in polyphenols and, in the case of young star fruit tea taken on an empty stomach, it is an excellent compound against diabetes.

Kidney disorders can also be minimized and treated with carambola. However, as it contains the substance carambotoxin, it should not be ingested by people suffering from kidney failure.

Important! Due to the presence of oxalic acid in its composition, carambola should not be consumed in excess and/or for a long period. If consumed in this way, it can cause the formation of kidney stones.


Carambola tea and its benefits

According to alternative medicine, the tea from the leaves of the carambola, like the fruit, has numerous medicinal properties. The main one is in the hypoglycemic function, which has as its main activity to promote the decrease of blood glucose levels.

The presence of carambola leaf tea in the human body acts directly on the metabolism, making it difficult for the body to retain sugar. So, this liquid is also highly recommended for people who want to lose weight, since the absorption of sugar is directly linked to the accumulation of body fat.

Recipe: Add a tablespoon of chopped carambola leaves to a cup of tea with mineral water. Bring the mixture to the fire and boil for five minutes. Then let it rest, strain and drink the tea still warm.

Use: It is recommended the consumption of carambola leaf tea in up to four cups of tea a day, especially after each feeding.

Contraindication: Unlike fruit, which has the substance carambotoxin, which is harmful to people who suffer from kidney failure, carambola leaf tea does not have this contraindication. However, it should not be taken in excessive amounts. However, patients suffering from chronic illnesses, before starting any home treatment, should consult a medical professional.

Beneficial effects of carambola

  • Helps in the treatment against aging
  • Helps in the treatment of skin diseases
  • It works in hair nutrition and treatment
  • Helps for good digestion
  • Help in preventing cancer
  • highly recommended for diabetics
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Plant endowed with antimicrobial properties
  • Helps the cardiovascular system function properly
  • Rich in calcium, strengthening bone building
  • A source of vitamin A, carambola helps vision
  • Rich source of nutrients for pregnant women

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