The green tea cigarette was created by the Billy55 company, and looks very similar to the common nicotine-based cigarette. The herb used in the manufacture, however, is only green tea, free of toxins. It is clear that there is still no proof that this can end nicotine addiction, however, the attempt is valid.

Ranko Tutulugdzija, acupuncturist who created this green tea cigarette, says that consuming it is one of the three steps that can help end the addiction to common cigarettes forever.

Steps to stop smoking, according to Ranko

The first step, according to Tutulugdzija, is alternation, which consists of alternating green tea cigarettes with regular cigarettes. Then comes replacement, which in turn consists of progressively replacing until only green cigarettes are used. Then, with the help of acupuncture, the reduction, which consists of a gradual reduction in use, until reaching zero.

the controversy

In addition to not having scientific proof, there is still another controversy surrounding this product, which is still only available in the United States: the fact that hot smoke enters the lungs alone is enough to bring respiratory problems, not to mention that it is not only nicotine and tobacco that cause addictions. There have been no comments yet regarding approval or not by the FDA, the US drug regulatory agency. The product, however, is registered as an ordinary cigarette.

Step by step: how to make a green cigarette?

1. Open the green tea sachet and remove the thread from it.
2. After that, roll the open sachet into a cigarette.
3. Use the thread removed from the sachet to tie, securing and preventing it from falling apart in the process.
4. Light one end and smoke.

Heads up

It is important to emphasize that only smoking, regardless of whether it is tobacco or not, can harm the lungs (even in the case of medicinal herbs).

When lighting, be careful not to burn yourself. Pay attention to the place where you are going to smoke this cigarette, as its different shape and smell may imply that you are smoking marijuana.