Originally from India, where it is considered a sacred tree, mainly because it is a reference for the cure for many health ailments, the Indian neem is a plant that belongs to the Meliaceae family. In addition to India, the tree can also be found in many other Southeast Asian countries.

The Indian neem can reach 18 meters in height. Its growth is fast, which allows the incidence of many branches. To get an idea, the production of fruits can be identified in the interval of three to five years. In certain regions, it can produce fruit up to twice a year.

It is a very hardy plant that thrives in semiarid regions. Another peculiarity about the species is that it adapts well to different types of soil. From the plant the root, bark and seed can be used. In addition to Indian neem, the plant can also be known as neem, neem, bitter and neem.

Indian Neem Benefits

If in India the plant is seen as a true natural pharmacy, then you can already see how effective it can be in combating some diseases. Therefore, it can be used as a food, alcoholic, drug and chemotherapy detoxifier.

Furthermore, the plant can also be included in the treatment of pain and infections, due to its anti-inflammatory, aseptic and curative effects. Another common application is in solving cases of gingivitis and diabetes. It also has contraceptive, antisecretory and fungicidal effects.

Despite being a natural ingredient, its use must be supervised by a physician. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid consuming the plant, as it can have serious health consequences. Pediatric use is also prohibited.

Indian take tea

One of the most common ways to include the plant in the treatment of some of the health problems listed above is through the preparation of tea. For this you will need a few branches of the plant and a liter of filtered water. The first step is to bring the water to a boil in a container with a lid.

As soon as the water starts to bubble, turn off the heat and add the herb. Keep the container capped for about 10 minutes. After that, use a sieve to remove the leaves from the plant and leave only the liquid. It is recommended that up to three cups of Indian neem tea be consumed per day.