A large portion of the population suffers from kidney problems. Organ pain can be indicative of different health problems, such as changes in kidney function, infections and even spinal problems.

Symptoms range from pain and burning when urinating, to changes in urine color. But there are also cases of people who have problems but don’t have any symptoms.

Treatment for kidney-related problems also varies greatly depending on the type of illness. Some include the use of anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, rest and massage.

But many people have preferred to use natural treatments in order to heal the kidneys and not harm other organs due to the heavy drug load that pharmaceutical drugs often carry.

A great option for those looking for a homeopathic treatment to cure kidney problems is the use of the medicinal plant Marianinha.

If even after treatment the symptoms persist, it is important to consult a specialist.

Medicinal use of Marianinha

The plant belongs to the Commelinaceae family and is also called swamp cane, comelina, blue spiderwort, spiderwort, dicorisandra, brazilian ginger and blue ginger.

Marianinha has medicinal, emollient, diuretic and anti-rheumatic properties. The plant also has an excellent diuretic effect and can be used to treat diseases that affect the kidneys.

Marianinha tea

Put 5 grams of the plant to a boil and then consume.