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Mint tea – Know its benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Mint is a plant of Asian origin, which today has become the most used plant in the world, mainly due to its aroma, present in the leaves. It can currently be found in cooking and in the composition of the most diverse products, ranging from classic mint chewing gum to medicines and even cleaning products. But in addition to the very pleasant aroma, mint has several medicinal properties , which, if used correctly, can contribute to good health and combat various ailments.

The tea full of benefits

Like any medicinal plant, there is the correct way to use mint, which, in turn, is generally used in the form of tea, but can also be used as an inhalation or seasoning for food. The mint tea , besides being an aphrodisiac according to the Arab people, is a great help for those who want to lose those extra pounds, and this is not a story of old wives, their effectiveness in diets has been proven in university studies. The plant is also rich in vitamins A and C, in addition to being a source of iron, which is good for the blood, and calcium, which is the basis for the formation of bones and teeth.

Mint also has antioxidant properties, helps to conserve collagen in the skin and hair, and is a digestive system stimulant. Its tea is used to treat coughs and colds,colic , stomach problems and diarrhea, in addition to, of course, giving a significant improvement in the breath of those who consume it.

How to make mint tea?

To prepare the tea, a considerable amount of mint leaves is needed. Put them in an ordinary kettle or pot and let them boil for a period of five to ten minutes, no longer, as the leaves may lose some of their properties. After boiling the tea, which is served at a room temperature, can be sweetened to taste, but in moderation so that its properties are preserved. Its consumption is only contraindicated for children, because its mucosa is still quite sensitive, and it can be irritated by the plant, which can even cause shortness of breath.


Finally, it is always good to remember that it is necessary to be careful in the consumption of medicinal plants. They cannot be used unrestrictedly and on their own when talking about any treatment based on these plants.

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