Children love to use their imaginations and a themed tea party can be a lot of fun for both girls and boys. The little ones and the little ones can serve tea and muffins to each other and this will be a great way to introduce the children to tea drinking.In this article, check out some tips and ideas for hosting a great children’s party where tea is the main theme.

Tips for an amazing themed tea party for kids

The choice of theme

First, choose the theme. The possibilities abound, including a princess tea party, a fairy tea party, a Victorian party, etc.

Choose the day and time of the party

Partying on the weekend is usually easier for parents and children. Try to avoid holidays as guests may be traveling, including a few days before or after. To decide the time, consider whether having a party in the morning or in the afternoon is best for the ages and schedules of the invited children.

Some time tips are between 10am and noon; and between 2pm and 5pm.

Make the guest list and invites

First, decide how many people you want to invite to the party and send the invitations to the other kids at least two weeks in advance. Make sure you have the means to get the invitations out to everyone and involve the children in the process by asking them to put the invitations in the envelopes and, if possible, to participate in the delivery as well.

When making the invitations, remember that, for children, the more colorful and fun the better. The ideal is to make an invitation according to the theme, using a famous character who has some connection with the theme, or a tea bag, a teapot and a cup. If you can, deliver invitations three or four weeks in advance.

The decoration

Look for decorations and party favors that tie in with the party’s theme. Some companies sell party kits, which usually include some combinations of activity books, teacups, costumes, games and fairy toys.

Set up small tables and chairs for the kids, and ideally dishes suitable for children, teapots and cups can be too big for them. To decorate, place a small vase of flowers in the center.


Every child loves to take home a gift bag, and a tea-themed party couldn’t be different. For this reason, consider toys, tea bags, biscuits in the shape of teapots or cups and candies.

the party place

You also need to decide whether the party will be indoors or outdoors. If the weather is good, the ideal is that it is done in a pleasant outdoor space, as it is more enjoyable for children, as they can play freely.

prepare food and tea

Food can include sandwiches, cupcakes, cakes, cookies and sweet rolls. The type of tea will depend on the age of the children. If they’re new, use caffeine-free tea.