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Maidenhair Tea – Properties and Benefits

by Dianna Leon

Maidenhair does not designate just one plant, this term, in fact, is the designation of several plants of the Philicopsida family, also called common maiden, Canadian maiden or Venus hair. At the time of purchase, you only need to be aware of its purpose: if you want to buy it for consumption, you should not buy the ones sold in flower shops, as they had a favorable planting for ornamentation, which is their function.

Originally from central and southern Europe, the fern is a small herbaceous plant, measuring 30 to 50 centimeters and forming clumps. Its leaves are petiolate, alternate and very thin, as well as its stems and branches. They usually grow in damp places with low light. This apparently common plant has a tea that can offer various benefits to the human body, check it out.


Benefits and properties of Avenca

  • The medicinal properties of maidenhair are: anti-inflammatory, diuretic , astringent, depurative, laxative, tonic, sweating, expectorant, antibacterial, antioxidant, balsamic, emollient and stimulant.
  • Indicated for people with difficulty in urinating.
  • It works as a mild natural sedative.
  • It is very useful in the treatment of coughs, catarrh, flu, bronchial affections and hoarseness.
  • Reliefs asthma.
  • Helps the respiratory system work better.
  • It ends with dandruff.
  • Reduces dreaded hairloss .
  • It treats a variety of bladder, liver, spleen and lung problems.
  • Relieves uncomfortable menstrual and rheumatic pain.
  • Regulates menstruation.

As for contraindications : patients with hypoglycemia, pregnant women and women with estrogen-positive cancers should not consume the fern. The side effects, on the other hand, are less: diabetic patients should be careful, since the maiden can potentiate insulin and anti-diabetic medication, ideally, these patients do not consume the plant.

How to prepare and consume the maidenhair

Infusion: To prepare the fern tea , boil a liter of water and add 2 tablespoons of the plant. Turn off the heat and quickly smother the mixture for about 10 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups during the day, with intervals of less than 12 hours.

Decoction: Boil 100 grams of dried fern in 1 liter of mineral water for half an hour. Turn off the heat and strain the liquid. This should be applied in daily friction on the scalp, in order to eliminate dandruff and reduce hair loss.

In addition to these two methods, syrups can also be prepared with the fern (great for cases of phlegm, coughs, etc.) and tinctures.

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