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Burdock tea – Plant recipe and benefits

by Dianna Leon

The Arctium lappa L., better known as Burdock is a long and fleshy root plant having a strong medicinal power. The plant usually reaches 1.50 meters in height and its flowers can be red or blue. Its roots and leaves are often used to make teas in homemade medicine, but they can also be used as food, even being consumed raw, in Europe, for example, its sprouts are eaten as a vegetable and in Japan a variety of roots are already cultivated. Edibles.

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The Benefits of Burdock

In Brazil, Burdock has an expressive growth and is sometimes considered to be a weed species in the orchards of the southern region. In the past, it was used in mixtures with other herbs to lighten the skin, today it has a purifying and healing function Its roots are effective in purifying the blood, in rheumatic diseases, ailments in general and digestive disorders.

Also with the root, an eczema ointment and a lotion are prepared to help prevent hair loss . With the leaves dry, it can be applied to relieve pain caused by insect bites or even sprains and hemorrhoid problems. The infusion of dried leaves is interesting for cleaning wounds and superficial inflammation. The seed extract and its infusions and decoctions are indicated to cure chronic skin diseases.

The burdock oil is a means of using the plant ‘s roots, it should be done as follows: book 500 milliliters sesame oil root along with six tablespoons of chopped burdock and let sit for three days. It is used to treat dandruff, thus, it should be applied to the scalp and only washed the next day, this should be done twice a week.

your tea recipe


– 1 tablespoon of burdock root

– 1 full glass of water

Way of doing:

  1. Put the roots in a pot together with the water;
  2. Bring to a boil;
  3. After bringing to the boil, reserve and wait for it to cool;
  4. When it’s at an ideal temperature, strain and it’s ready.

PS: As already mentioned, this tea is great for cleaning the skin, due to one of Burdock’s properties: astringent.

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