Have you ever heard the expression fatty liver? This, although uncommon, is a very common disease in people. Characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver, it is caused by the excessive use of alcoholic beverages, smoking and a fatty diet.

As it is a problem with the accumulation of fat in the liver, it can interfere with the digestive processes and cause serious damage to the patient’s health.

For this reason, treatment must be started immediately and with medical supervision. Thanks to nature, there is a remedy that can be the home remedy for this problem.

Tea recipe to eliminate liver fat

This tea’s main ingredient is milk thistle seeds, which, as they contain astringent properties, are capable of eliminating fatty cells that settle in the liver. In addition, this same natural element helps the body to release enzymes with the ability to improve digestive processes.


  • Two teaspoons of milk thistle seed;
  • Two cups (of tea) of water.

Preparation mode

Put water in a container and bring it to the fire. Wait long enough for the liquid to boil and immediately switch off. Add the thistle seeds and cover the pan. Leave to infuse for approximately 10 minutes and then strain. Drink it without sweetening, so the tea can have more effect.


It is important to pay attention to the correct consumption of this tea, so drink only two cups a day. The time you use it will be decisive to help treat fatty liver, so choose to take it 30 minutes before lunch and half an hour before dinner.

You can use half of the ingredients to make fresh tea, but if you choose to make it all at once, you’ll save time and won’t lose its benefits. The only restriction is regarding use after one day of preparation.

important which

The benefits of this tea are safe, but in the case of this disease, medical supervision is essential. In addition, the use of milk thistle drink alone is not enough to treat this disease, so it is necessary to change the lives of patients.

For example, the addition of physical exercise, a balanced diet free from fatty products, avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages and also smoking, are important attitudes to have a faster recovery.