As the popular saying goes, “whoever warns you is a friend”. For this reason, grandmas and their respective home remedies should gain more credibility, because according to science, many herbs have medicinal properties capable of treating and preventing illnesses, as your dear grandmother already told you.

Among so many options that nature provides, Tea Benefits brought four potent herbs that are excellent natural methods to treat simple health problems, they are: chamomile, carqueja, boldo and anise.

Herbs to Treat Diseases


The best known therapeutic property of Chamomile is its calming action, but this herb is also considered to be antispasmodic, healing, digestive, anticancer and immunoprotective.

Thus, it is possible to say that with this same plant it is possible to treat both stress, such as muscle spasms, digestive problems and injuries. In addition, it can help prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and also boost the immune system.

To prepare chamomile tea, just use two to three teaspoons of dried flowers of the plant per cup of boiling water. Cap the mixture and wait for the infusion to be ready after 10 minutes. Afterwards, just strain and consume, and it can also be used for hair and skin treatments .


Even though it produces a tea with a bitter taste and which most people do not like, carqueja is an herb that is extremely beneficial to human health. This is because it is considered a stomach tonic, a diuretic, purifying and anti-diabetic plant.

Thus, carqueja tea can be used to treat gastric, intestinal, liver and biliary disorders. It is also applied when you want to cleanse the blood and body of toxins. In addition, it can fight diabetes as it lowers the level of glucose in the bloodstream.

Those who want to take advantage of all these benefits need to prepare the carqueja tea, which is very simple. To get good results you just need to follow the ratio of 20 g of chopped leaves to a liter of boiling water. Leave the mixture to steep and after 10 minutes, strain and drink. However, it is noteworthy that like other herbs , carqueja should not be consumed during the breastfeeding period.


Bilberry tea is one of the teas that you should always have at home , since it is appropriate to treat stomach problems, very common situations in people’s daily lives.

Poor digestion, gas, heartburn, gastritis, constipation and gallbladder are some of the difficulties that can be treated with boldo tea. This same home remedy still alleviates symptoms arising from drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition to these benefits, boldo still has a calming power, in a more timid way.

With so many beneficial health effects, it is difficult not to prepare a cup of boldo tea, which can be made by boiling a (dessert) spoon of chopped plant leaves and a cup of filtered water. Just put the ingredients in a pan, bring to the fire and wait for it to boil. After five minutes, the heat must be turned off and the tea, before being consumed, needs to be smothered for another five minutes.


Antispasmodic, stimulant, relaxant, antirheumatic and muscle relaxant. These are the medicinal properties of fennel, which when added to the nutrients of this plant, can treat various diseases.

Thus, it is possible to say that this herb treats digestive and intestinal problems, stimulates appetite, fights coughing and even eliminates pain, including cramps caused during the menstrual period. In addition, the plant can be used in home aesthetic treatments, improving the skin.

To enjoy these benefits you need to prepare a tea from the plant using three tablespoons of dried fennel seeds in a liter of boiling water. After mixing these ingredients, let the tea steep for 10 minutes. Then it is only necessary to strain before ingesting.