Have you ever heard of oregano tea ? Being seen so often on top of the tasty pizza, it’s hard to imagine oregano in any other situation, isn’t it?

With its peculiar smell, the herb draws attention and appears shyly in some Italian pastries, salads, sauces and pastas, but have you ever thought of it in a tea? Oregano tea, despite appearing unusual, has several medicinal properties beneficial to health.

Thinking to clarify the benefits of this infusion, we created this article. In addition to this information, you also get to know how to make this tea and the contraindications. Check out!

What are the benefits of oregano tea?

According to pharmacist Maria Júlia Pereira Reis, oregano is rich in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and omega-3s. For these reasons, it ends up being a special ingredient in terms of health.

But these are not the only properties present in oregano. This is because this seasoning also has an active principle called carvacol, found in the leaves of this plant. Among so many benefits, this substance also helps to activate the body’s defenses . (1)

Another important point of oregano is its antioxidant action. This happens due to the presence of phenolic compounds, which also contributes to the anti-inflammatory action. (two)

Furthermore, as an antioxidant, it can block free radicals that harm the body in different ways. For example, premature aging of cells.

It is also worth noting that the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of this spice work to prevent the faster progression of some types of cancer. Among them are prostate and breast cancer. (1)

“One of the benefits of oregano is to stimulate the secretion of bile by the liver , bile facilitates the digestion of fats, acting as a ‘detergent’ and allowing the absorption of fats. However, some patients may experience reflux and gas when they consume in excess”, warns the pharmacist.

In addition, oregano tea has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anesthetic properties. (1) Below you can see in detail the main benefits of this spice in infusion form.

Oregano tea for dry cough

Few people know, but one of the biggest benefits of this tea is its immune system strengthening power. Thus, the infusion is able to prevent viral infections , such as the flu, and its symptoms.

“Carvacrol, terpenes and oregano flavonoids can act as lung purifying agents, cleaning the respiratory tract and gill tubes. This means relief during an asthma attack, which is characterized by making breathing difficult.” (1)

Infusion for reflux and gases

Oregano tea is also an excellent outlet for those who have problems with stuffing after meals. That’s because the still warm drink manages to optimize the digestion process , improving symptoms of flatulence . (1)

Oregano tea for thrush

There are three types of candidiasis, they are: vaginal candidiasis, cutaneous candidiasis and thrush. All of them are caused by fungi called Candida, hence the name of the disease.

But, according to doctor Dayan Siebra, oregano has antifungal properties . For that reason, it can be an effective natural remedy against candidiasis of all types. (two)

tea for colic

This infusion is also a friend of women, especially those who go through a lot of suffering during their menstrual period. That’s because, among so many benefits, oregano tea also combats colic. (1)

This benefit is given because the spice is a muscle relaxant , thus working to minimize cramps. Furthermore, it can help to regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent premature menopause.

Does oregano tea make you slim?

At least three reasons make oregano have slimming properties. The first of them, according to the pharmacist, is the presence of fibers in the leaves of this spice. This substance aids digestion and improves bowel function.

Also, oregano tea is considered a diuretic drink . This means to say that the infusion helps in the process of eliminating liquids. People often feel fat, but it’s actually just fluid retention , causing certain parts of the body to swell. (two)

Finally, the presence of carvacrol also contributes to weight loss. This effect is due to the reduction of inflammation in the white adipose tissue . This property has even been proven in a study published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. (1)

How do you make the oregano tea?

In tea we find all the benefits that were described above, such as the relief of PMS symptoms and the reduction in fluid retention by the body, but for this to happen you must make the infusion correctly:

  1. Put 1 tablespoon of oregano leaves, dry or not, in a cup. But give preference to fresh leaves
  2. Heat a cup of water and turn it off as soon as the first boiling bubbles appear
  3. Pour the water into the cup containing the oregano and drink it as soon as it cools.

“Drink the tea three to four times a day, always warm and preferably without sugar or sweetener”, recommends pharmacist Maria Júlia.

Contraindications and side effects

Just like any other remedy, natural or not, oregano tea has contraindications and side effects. “Its use can cause skin allergies and vomiting in some sensitive people to the plant,” explains Maria Júlia.

For this reason, it is recommended to know your own limitations regarding allergic reactions. Also, using this infusion too much can cause reflux . Therefore, consume the tea consciously throughout the day.

“I recommend that pregnant women avoid the consumption of tea or oil of oregano without medical advice”, advises the pharmacist. That’s because the drink can help regulate the menstrual cycle and fight colic, so it can end up harming the baby’s health.

More about the spice

Oregano is a plant of the Labiadas family, and is known as oregano, creeping marjoram and wild marjoram. Its constant use combats various types of diseases such as those already mentioned.

In addition to the benefits of oregano tea, it can also yield an oil rich in medicinal properties. But, because it has a strong smell, the in natura plant can be passed on the skin as well, as it works as an ant repellent and fungicide .