Have you ever heard of andropause? Also called testicular hypofunction, partial androgenic insufficiency in elderly men, or late male hypogonadism, the disease slowly and gradually decreases testosterone production in men. It can be compared to menopause in women.

Andropause begins to affect men between 45 and 50 years of age, considering that the production of testosterone, a hormone responsible for numerous functions, but mainly for giving characteristics such as low voice, facial and body hair, musculature, Adam’s apple, etc; it peaks in early adolescence (puberty) and begins to decline after age 30.


Although most often linked to men, as they are produced by the testicles, testosterone is also produced by the female ovaries in an amount eight times less than that produced by men.

This hormone also has several functions in our body. Some of them are:

  • Development of reproductive tissues (testicles, prostate etc);
  • Muscle increase;
  • Bone mass growth;
  • Libido;
  • Supply of energy (physical and mental);
  • Regulation of metabolism.

Although there is a natural drop in testosterone production, few will feel the onset of andropause more intensely. Some of the symptoms of the disease are:

  • Fatigue;
  • Loss of muscle mass;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Difficulties in concentration and memory;
  • Sweating and hot flashes;
  • Accumulation of fat in the abdomen region.

Natural treatments through Tribulus Terrestris

Testosterone deficiency occurs when the hormone production in the body is below 200 ng/dL and its treatment is usually done through hormone replacement, which can be through pills or injections.

To undergo this type of treatment, it is important to be guided by an endocrinologist since the indiscriminate use of this type of medication can cause heart attacks, brain problems, damage to the endocrine system and prostate cancer.

In addition to treatment through drugs, there is also a natural option such as the use of the puncture vine, known mainly by its scientific name, tribulus terrestris. Weeds have been used since ancient times for stimulating the production of hormones, which makes it a natural sexual stimulant.

Currently, it is also used to gain lean mass (muscles), by athletes of various modalities.

Tribulus terrestris is usually consumed in capsule form, but it can also be consumed in teas, which are a delicious option.

tribulus terrestris tea


  • 750 ml of water;
  • 3 tablespoons of tribulus terrestris leaves;
  • Sugar, sweetener or honey to taste (optional).

Preparation and consumption

Ideally, three cups of tea are consumed a day, so the measures present in the recipe can be divided if you prefer to prepare the cup just before drinking.

The preparation process is simple, just bring the water to the fire until it starts to boil. Turn off heat and add leaves; cover the pan and let it sit for ten minutes. After that, just strain, sweeten if you prefer and drink the drink.

The use of tribulus terrestris, either through tea or capsules, is contraindicated for hypertensive patients or men with heart problems.