The golden root, scientific name rhodiola rosea , is a perennial plant that grows from five to 35 centimeters. It is also known as golden root or arctic root, and is called in English golden root, roseroot and aaron’s rod. It is an adaptogenic plant, that is, it has a bimodal action function. When consumed, it can have a stimulant or sedative effect, depending on the body’s needs.It grows in the coldest regions of the world, such as the Arctic, Siberia, Alps, Central Asia, Pyrenees, Scandinavia, Great Britain, China, Russia, Iceland and Ireland. It has been used for centuries by the most diverse cultures in Eastern and Asian Europe. In some places it was a tradition to offer a bunch of golden root to brides before their wedding night. The medicinal use of this plant was first validated in 1960 by Russian and Scandinavian scientists.


The golden root is effective in treating stress, increases intellectual capacity and memory, and relieves depression. According to a study carried out by Soviet scientists, the psychostimulant actives from the golden root alleviated symptoms of depression by 64%. In cold regions of the planet, tea is traditionally used to increase resistance to flu, colds and boost the immune system.

Its aphrodisiac power is well known, too. A Russian study, conducted with 35 patients, found an improvement in 70% of men who suffered from erectile dysfunction. In Siberia it is recommended for those who want to improve their sexual performance.

In addition, it still has capabilities against:

  • Anemia;
  • Anxiety;
  • sexual impotence;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Muscle aches;
  • Improves fertility in women.

gold root tea

The used part of this plant is precisely its root. It can be consumed with tea, or through capsules sold in pharmacies or health food stores. Anyway, as it is stimulating, it should only be consumed in the morning or in the afternoon, to avoid sleep disturbances.

Put a teaspoon of the root of this plant in a cup of boiling water. Let stand for up to four hours. Then strain and drink up to twice a day.


Golden root is contraindicated for people suffering from bipolar disorder, as mood swings and even hallucinations can become quite severe. You should not consume this plant when you are already excited. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid consuming this plant. People with psychological problems or who are already using other stimulants should consult a doctor for the correct dosage.

Side effects

There are no proven side effects, but since it acts in the same way as caffeine, if consumed in excess it can cause insomnia, irritability and impatience. In any case, it is advisable to seek a specialist before using any medicinal plant.