It is normal in winter that we try to keep our bodies warm through drinking. Coffee and tea are already popular in Brazilian homes and are even more popular in times of low temperatures. But which one is the healthiest and most suitable?

Benefits of coffee

Coffee was once seen by medicine as a great villain for health. But this has already been demystified and proven that its consumption in moderation (like everything else in life) can be a great ingredient for a healthy life.

In addition to being a light beverage, having almost 0% calories, coffee contains folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and, of course, a lot of caffeine. It can be an important ally for those who fight diabetes, reduce the risk of liver disease, stimulate memory, provide energy for the body and help delay cell aging.

Benefits of tea

It is not new that the list of goods that tea brings to the body is enormous. Depending on the herb, its benefits can range from fighting cancer to pain in general. Some even serve as tranquilizers and others provide energy to the body.

Who wins this contest?

The ideal amount of caffeine that the body needs to consume is somewhere around 400 mg, which, depending on the recipient, results in three cups of coffee.

To achieve this goal of caffeine from tea, you would need at least eight cups of the beverage. Thus, coffee wins the dispute as the most ideal drink to be consumed during the winter. I bet you didn’t expect this one!

But for the drink to remain healthy, dispense with the use of sugar and milk in coffee. The drink has to be taken as naturally as possible, otherwise there may be effects that may not be as healthy as promised.