Carnival is synonymous with a lot of drinking and excitement. After all, there are four days dedicated to dancing, music, parades, street parties, meeting new people and having fun with friends and family. In this festivity, day-to-day problems and responsibilities are momentarily forgotten and the only concern is to join in the fun.

The intense rhythm of the party and the exaggerations makes many people look for the use of medicine to fight that hangover or even to help give energy. But there are natural products you can use and get the same result.

leftover energy

Thanks to the high concentration of caffeine that green tea and matchá have, they are recommended, by experts, to be taken before partygoers go to parties. “It can take all night”, jokes nutritionist Rafael Maciel.

natural relaxant

And the next day you need to rest a little to be able to stand the other days of celebration. In this case, it is best to consume white tea. The drink has a lower amount of caffeine, not disturbing sleep, but keeping the mood. The herb also works as a natural relaxant and gives the body substances that support the production of the pleasure and well-being hormone.

Bucket hangover!

When the week of revelry is over, there will be no escape from the bloating caused by the drinks, much less from the symptoms of a hangover. “To start cleaning up all the alcohol, salt and fat consumed during the four days of revelry, there is nothing better than hibiscus tea. As it is a diuretic, it combats fluid retention and helps to deflate the body”, explains Maciel.

In addition to helping to combat the symptoms left by Carnival, natural drinks also slow down the aging process of cells, make them slim, strengthen the immune system and bring other various goods to the body.