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Sage tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Salvia is one of the most used medicinal plants in the world in natural medicine, as it has all kinds of benefits and no contraindications. Its scientific name is Salvia officinalis , but it is also known as sage or sage. Small but powerful plant, its size reaches, at most, half a meter in height. As characteristics, it has many branches and its leaves have a bluish hue.

Most of its medicinal properties are found mainly in its leaves – from which it is possible to extract aromatic oils, resins and balm.


Among the salvia properties, it is possible to highlight the actions:

  • Antioxidant;
  • Antimicrobial;
  • Anxiolytic;
  • Soothing;
  • Anti-inflammatory.

Salvia benefits

Salvia can be a great ally for women, since, by stimulating the gallbladder, it favors intestinal transit, improves digestion and, therefore, reduces abdominal circumference. That is, it decreases tummy. In addition, as it is considered a carminative plant, sage helps to eliminate gases that contribute to belly enlargement. The diuretic action also contributes to the benefits among women, as it prevents fluid retention. All these factors, if combined with healthy lifestyle habits and physical exercise, are enough for them to lose the extra pounds they want.

Benefits of Sage Tea

Frequent consumption of sage tea also completely cleans the airways, cures hemorrhoids, curbs menstrual bleeding, treats cramps and alleviates the symptoms of menopause.

To heal wounds or ulcers, make compresses with the tea and apply it to the desired location. This procedure is also valid to help with more severe headaches, such as migraine.

But sage also serves as a natural tranquilizer. Its infusion calms the nervous system and controls anxiety, providing a calm and uninterrupted night’s sleep.


The plant can also be used in oil form. Its properties, which are camphor, cineal and beta-thujone, help to treat sprains and swelling.

Fun Facts: Salvia to ward off bad energy

In addition to its medicinal properties, sage also takes care of the energy of the house. The practice of burning a few leaves to smoke the house is common to ward off negative vibrations. According to the Ayurveda concept, this plant is a natural incense and brings positive energy for a long time and for the environment.

To eliminate the evil eye from the body, it is recommended to take a bath with sage tea.

How to Make Sage Tea

In a kettle with a liter of water, place 2 tablespoons of leaves and cook until it boils. Cover for 10 minutes. Strain and sweeten with sugar or honey to taste.

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