Despite being a toxic plant, sea onions can also be used as an alternative means of treating some illnesses and alleviating some symptoms.Also known as scilla or false sea onion, it has medicinal properties with diuretic, capillary tonic, expectorant, vomiting and heart stimulant actions.


The use of sea onion is indicated for people who suffer from problems such as asthma, bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial secretions, dry cough, it is good for treating bloody diarrhea or blood in the urine, edema, sweating, dandruff or seborrhea.

Thanks to its lush, star-shaped floral spike, with a pale green line in the center of each petal, sea onion is also widely used as an ornamental garden plant.

Against indication

The consumption of sea onion should only be done under medical prescription, as the plant can be toxic and poisonous. Just 2 g of it can already lead to death.