If you want to know what fennel tea is for , know that you are in the right place. That’s because, with this article from Tea Benefits, it is possible to stay on top of the properties and benefits of this herb so popular in Brazil.

In addition, you can learn how to make fennel tea and find out if it can be ingested by pregnant women or babies. It is also possible to understand if this infusion really helps to lose weight and how the plant works by being associated with other natural products, such as cinnamon, chamomile, cloves and ginger.

Finally, there is information on how to make fennel tea from a sachet and the contraindications that this drink has. All this to understand even more about how fennel, the name by which the plant can also be called, can be beneficial to the human body.

What is fennel tea for?

Fennel can be used in different applications and in different areas. For example, while fennel tea is for health and aesthetic reasons , other parts of this herb can be used in cooking , such as the stalk of the plant in a salad.

But, among so many actions, the one that stands out the most is the elimination of intestinal gases . For this reason, the plant has become famous as a natural remedy, as it aids in the digestive process and also helps with the absorption of nutrients.

In addition, the infusion with this plant can be used in order to alleviate cramps, especially menstrual cramps. Therefore, it is also indicated for other muscle pain, as it soothes these regions.

Coughs and cases of bronchitis are eliminated with the correct use of fennel tea. But it’s also a great way to strengthen the immune system, helping to prevent various health problems.

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plant benefits

Given all the information already mentioned, it is possible to affirm that fennel tea is rich in benefits for the human body. For example, the essential oil anethole is responsible for the characteristic smell and taste of this plant, which promote relaxation.

And the beneficial effects do not stop there, because the plant still has caffeic acid and flavonoids. Both substances give fennel the antioxidant function. Thus, they fight the action of free radicals and prevent premature aging.

It even acts as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and soothing agent . Therefore, it is indicated in the fight against fungi, protects the body against the effects of chemotherapy, eliminates inflammation in the throat and even reduces anxiety.

It also has an important job for women’s health, as it helps patients who have an imbalance in hormonal flow.

Does fennel slim down?

In general, a very common question among people is to find out which are the teas that help in the weight loss process. According to health professionals, the fennel combined with a balanced diet and a routine of physical exercises can combat the extra pounds .

This effect is possible because there are substances present in the fennel capable of promoting weight loss. For example, malic acid is responsible for decreasing the craving for sweets . In addition, there is also the diuretic effect that is efficient in decreasing fluid retention.

All of these associated benefits aid in the weight loss process. However, it is recommended to seek qualified professionals so that they develop an appropriate diet and physical activity regimen. Thus, it is possible to lose weight in a healthy, efficient and safe way.

Baby fennel tea?

As a natural remedy to combat colic, many mothers end up offering fennel tea for babies. But is this the right attitude? First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the child’s age and, of course, ask the pediatrician for advice.

A pertinent point is that every baby needs to be fed only breast milk until they are six months old. During this time, all the nutrients the child needs can be found in the mother’s milk.

After this period, the baby can receive other foods and liquids. And fennel tea can be an ally for sleep and to eliminate abdominal pain in children. But always remembering to ask the pediatrician’s opinion before offering any medicine, whether natural or not.

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Pregnant can there be fennel tea?

Contrary to what many might think, fennel tea is contraindicated for pregnant women . That’s because, this drink tends to relax the muscles as well as the uterus itself. Therefore, it can cause some negative interference in pregnancy.

However, the drink can be used by the mother after pregnancy. During breastfeeding, fennel tea helps in the production of breast milk , so it can be consumed by nursing mothers with a daily control recommended by the doctor.

How to make this infusion?

To make fennel tea you will need 1 cup of boiling water . Then add 1 teaspoon of seed from this plant and cover the container. Simmer for 10 minutes and drink without adding sugar, sweetener or honey.

To make the tea bag, just repeat the same procedure, just replacing the seed spoon with the fennel sachet. But in addition to the pure infusion, you can also add some herbs and spices to boost the herb’s power.

  • With cinnamon:  Ideal to make the fennel tea stronger in the weight loss process
  • Chamomile:  Helps to keep the patient more calm and relaxed
  • With cloves:  Potentiates the antioxidant action of fennel
  • With ginger:  With ginger, the fennel is stronger in the fight against respiratory problems such as coughs and bronchitis.

Contraindications for this drink

As already mentioned, pregnant women should not use this drink. But in addition to pregnant women, other people can not use the benefits of fennel, as is the case of babies under six months and patients who use anti-inflammatory drugs and corticoids. 

In addition, it is important to be aware of what the fennel tea is used for and drink it only when necessary. That’s because the excess of this tea can cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting . Thus, taking all these precautions, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of this plant.

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