Having tea is really delicious, isn’t it? But before you start adding sugar to everything, stop and think: is there really a need to sweeten it?Our initial tip is: try the tea. Some teas are naturally sweet or have a very pleasant flavor making the addition of sugar unnecessary. If you think you really need to sweeten it, that there’s no way the tea can go down without being sweetened, that’s fine. But sweeten with honey.

The mania of sweetening

Have you ever stopped to think that in Brazil we have the habit of sweetening everything? Even natural fruit juice we want to sweeten, as is the case with orange juice, for example. We need to train our taste buds to consume less sugar, since the food itself has a lot of flavor.

It’s all a matter of taste, but when consuming a healthy drink such as tea or juice, the ideal is to avoid adding sugar, because the idea is really healthy consumption, right?

Tea and its properties

You may have heard that sugar interferes with the therapeutic properties of tea, but is this really true? When we have a strong herb, we always try to sweeten it to make it easier to consume, but we need to keep in mind that sugar, especially refined sugar, can be harmful to health, in addition to adding calories to the consumption of a drink that would only be beneficial.

Tea is a very healthy drink, and when sugars or sweeteners are added, it loses many of its properties. Sugar should, of course, be avoided as it is a villain in our diet. When ingested, it overloads the pancreas, the organ responsible for the production of insulin, and is also transformed into fat in the body, which can cause several problems such as cardiovascular problems, obesity, hypertension and much more.

The ideal, therefore, is, if really necessary, to sweeten it with honey, which, although it can also be harmful to health, is full of benefits and nutrients that can improve many functions of the body. However, both sugar, sweetener and honey can indeed interfere with the tea’s properties, according to nutritionists. The idea is to consume the drink straight.

I can’t drink straight tea, now what?

You can add a few drops of lemon, pineapple peel or even a piece of cinnamon to the tea, which is sure to make it more flavorful. Also, another option is to get used to it. We just don’t like sugar-free tea because we’re not used to it. The addition of fruit to teas can bring more properties and make the flavor much more pleasant.