If you are looking for ways to lose weight associated with weight training or other physical activities, you may have heard about the benefits of green tea for burning fat and the consequent weight loss, right?Green tea is also an excellent option for those who want energy, concentration and creativity without having to resort to coffee, as it is rich in caffeine. According to Patrícia Pinesi, a nutritionist in São Paulo, “the best thing is not to exceed four cups a day. In excess, it can cause headaches, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, stomach pain, nausea and palpitations”.

workouts and green tea

Consuming a cup of green tea about half an hour before training helps to speed up the metabolism, enhancing fat burning. Its thermogenic properties are possible due to the presence of caffeine. In addition to consuming tea, it can also be found in the form of capsules or powder to mix with juice or water.

Other benefits

Green tea, in addition to being an excellent pre-workout, helps to detoxify the body and deflate, eliminating fluid retention. The drink has fat burning and slimming powers, and best of all: it is scientifically proven.

According to a survey published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, two groups of overweight people were followed during a period of low-calorie menu, but only one of the groups consumed six cups of green tea a day. This group of patients, at the end of the study period, had burned 4% more fat than the other group.

The tea is also rich in antioxidants, acting against premature aging and fighting wrinkles. It also helps to prevent gum inflammation, malignant tumors in the mouth and breast, as well as improving memory.


As it is a stimulant, it is necessary to consume it up to 17 hours, at the most, and never at night, as it can interfere with a lot at the time of sleep and rest. Patients who have thyroid problems, vascular or even hypertensive people, should pay attention to consumption.

How to prepare correctly?

Green tea, to have its benefits reaped, must be prepared correctly. To do this, follow the steps:

Put a liter of water to boil and when the first bubbles start to appear, turn off the heat. Then add two tablespoons – or one to get used to the strong flavor – and cover, leaving the mixture muffled for approximately three minutes. Then strain and consume.