A bad night’s sleep, exhausting workouts and even stressful days can be real causes for muscle pain.

When they feel these discomforts, patients can resort to homemade and natural treatments, such as teas made with herbs rich in anti-inflammatory properties. However, if for three or five days the pain does not subside, a doctor should be sought.

rosemary tea

Known for its anti-inflammatory action, rosemary tea can reduce pain caused by inflammation in the muscles. Often caused by too much effort and even high levels of stress.

In addition, the drink promises to promote relaxation of areas affected by pain, reducing the discomfort caused by them.

To do this, you need to put a cup of boiling water in a container containing a tablespoon of rosemary leaves. Then cap and allow the infusion to be ready for up to 10 minutes.

To finish, just strain the liquid and serve. Without adding sugar or sweetener, the patient can drink up to three cups of this drink a day.

whaling herb tea

Specific for bruises, the whaling herb is ideal for athletes, as they are people more prone to these occurrences.

However, the herb is also indicated in the treatment of inflammation, as well as rosemary tea, as it relieves the pain normally felt from physical fatigue or uncomfortable positions.

In this sense, whoever wishes to have the herb as an ally of health, it is necessary to prepare a tea with its leaves. So, put a tablespoon of the herb in a cup of hot water, then cover the container. After 10 minutes, strain the drink and it is ready to be consumed.

It is noteworthy that the addition of sweeteners or sugars can eliminate the properties offered by this tea, so it is advisable not to use it. As for consumption, the tip is not to exceed three cups a day.

In addition, the use of this drink can be external, that is, being applied to the area with a cloth soaked in the liquid.

fish roast tea

Assa-peixe is an herb that is still little known by Brazilians, but it is gradually gaining the prominence it deserves. That’s because, according to experts in herbalism, this plant is ideal for those who suffer from constant muscle pain.

Assa-fish has properties capable of soothing and calming pain. Taking this power into account, the patient can drink the tea after preparing it with a tablespoon of the herb and a cup of hot water.

After mixing the two ingredients, the container should be capped for 10 minutes. After the specified time, the drink needs to be strained and finally ingested. With no sugar or industrialized sweeteners, the patient should consume up to three cups a day.